LG Petrov’s Legal Representative Says Decision In Entombed Trademark Dispute Is Not Final And Can Be Appealed

It was previously reported that the legal dispute between Entombed’s Alex Hellid, Uffe Cederlund, and Nicke Andersson, and their former singer LG Petrov regarding the Entombed trademark had officially been settled with the Swedish Court of First Instance ruling in favor of Hellid, Cederlund, and Andersson. Despite this, it seems the dispute is not quite over with after all. Petrov and Entombed A.D.’s lawyer Helene Hillerström Miksche has told musikindustrin.se that the descion is actually not final, and that they have the opportunity to appeal.

Here’s Miksche’s statement:

“It is unfortunate misinformation circulated after the two judgments of the Patent and the Market announced last week and the related rights to the band name in different classes of goods. The Court’s decision is unfortunate in many ways, and largely incomprehensible. Regardless of what one thinks of the decisions, the effect of them not to brand and band name belongs to Alex and former band members. The decisions are not final and can be appealed.

LG‘s and other band’s attitude is that the band name belongs to band together and Alex have been invited to enter on trademark registration. The same applies to former band members. Alex approach so far has been that he should own name, and he treats the rest of the band, including LG who has been a member since it was formed, as if they had no rights. LG and the rest of the band still hoping for a solution out of court and presented several proposed settlement, continues”


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