Police Report On Chris Cornell’s Death Offers Timeline On His Passing

Some more information regarding the timeline of events leading up to Chris Cornell’s death has been revealed via a police report obtained by Detroit News. According to the report, Soundgarden finished their May 17 show in Detroit MI, and shortly after that Cornell’s bodyguard Martin Kirsten gave the frontman two Ativan pills for his anxiety, and tried to help him fix his computer at 11:30PM. Then Cornell talked to his wife Vicky at about 11:35PM, and during the conversation he sounded “groggy” and kept saying he was “just tired.” After that, she could not get ahold of her husband so she called Kirsten at around 12:15AM on May 18. Kirsten then went to check on Cornell and busted open the two locked doors to his room at the MGM Grand Detroit. Once inside, Kirsten found him slumped on the bathroom floor with a red exercise band, which he used to hang himself, around his neck. The medic arrived at 12:56AM, followed by EMS who tried to perform CPR. The singer was then pronounced dead at 1:30AM. As previously reported, Vicky believes the Ativan played a role in his death.



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