Nachtmystium To Perform “Eulogy IV” & “Instinct: Decay” Live At Carnis Festum Open Air Festival

Nachtmystium previously announced that they would be returning to the stage at the Louisville Deathfest, and now they have another show booked. The band will be performing “Eulogy IV” and “Instinct: Decay” in full at the Carnis Festum Open Air Festival at the Blue Mountain Event Center in Wilsneyville, CA on July 8. The group’s new EP “Resilient” will be released later this year.

Alright everyone – another big announcement today! After announcing our headlining slot at Louisville Death Fest in September, 2017 the other day, I was approached by a festival promoter in the Bay Area (California) asking if we would like to headline a night of the Carnis Festum Open Air Festival on Saturday, July 8th! Although the Louisville Death Fest appearance was promoted as our 'only U.S. show' this year, I received an offer for the fest in July here in California and us doing it will generate enough funding to cover all the flights for our band mates / crew to Louisville. After speaking to the promoter of Louisville Death Fest and explaining the situation to him, he agreed that we should do the festival and is OK with it, especially considering that it won't effect the draw in September whatsoever due to the massive geographical distance between the two shows. SO – with that being said, I am proud to announce this exclusive one-time-only performance where we will play our 2004 EP "Eulogy IV" and 2005 LP "Instinct: Decay" both in their entirety! We have never performed "Eulogy IV" (the entire mini album) live before ever, and only did "Instinct: Decay" live one time (@ Roadburn Festival 2012 in Tilburg, Holland as part of Voivod's curated day) So, this is an exclusive performance for the fans here in the States. This festival is INVITE ONLY / not entirely open to the public, as it is way out in the middle of nowhere up in the mountains / woods. Bands and fans will all be camping out under the stars at this unique location. I and my band mates are all very excited about this performance. We will also be receiving a sound-board, multi-track recording of the entire performance.. We will most certainly take the recording to our home studio for post-gig mixing / editing / mastering and will release the show as a limited edition release of some form or another later this year. For more info on the festival, visit A final line up / announcement from them detailing our performance and the rest of the finalized line up should be posted in the next week. Hope to see some of you there! Success and serenity to you all. -Blake Judd /

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