H.R. Is Open To Doing A Bad Brains Tour Later This Year

Before undergoing brain surgery, Bad Brains’ H.R. was recently interviewed by Loudwire about his new memoir “Finding Joseph I,” and he said that Bad Brains may be hitting the road later this year. Despite this, tour details are obviously still up in the air since H.R. still needs time to recover from his surgery, and the fact that Dr. Know is still recovering from cardiac arrest.

Here’s what H.R. told Loudwire:

“I was talking with the bass player [Darryl Jenifer] and we were looking at the fall, in autumn, maybe. We’ll do some rehearsals, rehearsing a setlist that they had wanted to play and I decided to go ahead and play it with them. Darryl had come to me through the telephone and said, ‘I’m committed to you,’ and I said, ‘Well, I’m committed to you.’”


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