Sabaton’s Hannes Van Dahl To Miss Upcoming European Shows

Hannes Van Dahl will be missing Sabaton’s upcoming European tour. During his absence, Daniel Sjögren (Twilight Force, Bloodbound) will be handling drumming duties. Van Dahl made the following Instagram post:

Message from Hannes: Hello Everyone! Time has come for me to travel homewards for a short while to be with and for my family, home in the north. My family on the road will have the miles pass underneath the busses and trucks as usual and the show will go on! So, I hereby introduce you to a dear friend of ours: Daniel Sjögren! He is the sweetest of dudes and an excellent drummer! He was kind enough to help us out and will sit on my drum throne for a few shows until I’m back with my road family, brothers and sisters all over the world again! Daniel has been rehearsing with Me and the Band for the last four weeks. I’m a bit jealous of all you guys who’s going to see him kill it every night:) Please give him your awesome warm “Sabaton Battalion” support, have fun and I’m looking forward to seeing you all very soon again! Yours truly, The Vandahl

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