Album Review: Viza – “The Unorthodox Revival: Vol. I & II”

After releasing 12 songs on a monthly basis via YouTube, Viza took the tracks and released them as a two volume set called “The Unorthodox Revival.” Each part features six songs that take inspiration from rock/metal with elements of other genres mixed in to keep things interesting. The idea to split the release into two also helps enhance the experience by allowing the listener to take the time to fully digest one before moving on to the next.

Volume I opens with “Viktorious” a bizarre sounding track that captures one’s attention right from the beginning. That is followed by one of the effort’s highlights, “Cash Karma,” a rocker with a solid riff driving it forward. The other highlight from this part is “Vicious Game,” a slower song with a nice melody and emotional lyrics.

Volume II opens with “Pinches” a hard rock track that pumps the listener up as soon as they insert the second disc. It is definitely one of the highlights of part two. The other highlights on this one are “Diabolic Angel” and “Pathway.” In fact, “Diabolic Angel” may even be the best song across the whole set. It’s an extremely catchy track with a lot a groove and you can’t help but listen to it over and over again. As for “Pathway,” it is a heavier sounding song that provides perfect closure for Volume II and the set as a whole.

All in all, both volumes of “The Unorthodox Revival” offer the listener a plethora of interesting music that has the potential to take them on a journey. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can stream it below: