Album Review: Mason Hill’s “Against The Wall”

Mason Hill’s debut album “Against The Wall” has been generating quite a buzz in the UK and it’s easy to see why. The effort is a powerful display of modern rock that is perfect for fans of artists like Theory Of A Deadman, Nickelback, and Shaman’s Harvest.

The effort kicks off with the slow intro track “Reborn,” before really blasting off with “No Regret.” The latter gives you a sense of what to expect from the rest of the record, catchy post-grunge tracks comprised of great musicianship and impeccable vocals.

As one moves further through the record, they will continue to find bangers such as the title track, “Broken Son,” and “D.N.A.” These three songs find the band at their best. They are infectious, anthemic, and keep the listener wanting more.

From there, things slow down a bit with the ballad “Who We Are,” before picking back up with “Find My Way” and “Hold On.” “Hold On” in particular is especially killer with a riffy, Black Stone Cherry vibe that you can’t help but jam to.

That energy then carries over to the power ballad “Out Of Reach” and the rockin’ “We Pray.” However, things start to slow down again with “Where I Belong,” which offers a more emotional side of the group’s sound as they bring everything full circle by ending with “Reborn (Prologue).”

All in all, “Against The Wall” is an amazing album from a band that have the potential to make it big in the future.