Album Review: Dead Girls Corp’s “Bloody Noses And Hand Grenades”

Dead Girls Corp released their new album “Bloody Noses And Hand Grenades” last month and it is definitely a fun listen for fans of gothic, industrial, and new wave music.

The group kick things off with “Dead Girl.” The song does a good job of setting the tone for the album, but things really start to pick up on the second track, “From The Bottom.” This is a heavy, electronic infused song that can really pump you up. It is definitely one of the highlights of the record.

Things stay just as killer when “X’s No O’s” attacks the listener with heavy riffage, before “Alleys of Death” hits them with a 90s industrial vibe that is sort of reminiscent of Marilyn Manson. As that song ends, the band continue to rock on the industrial post-punk anthem “Ask For It.”

Things start to change a bit on the band’s cover of Billy Idol’s “Flesh For Fantasy,” which sees them further exploring their electronic elements. This trend continues as the intro to “You Can’t Change” comes in, before it turns into another post-punk track that has a similar sound to earlier songs on the album.

Once “You Can’t Change” ends, another one of the album’s highlights, “Promise Me,” gets its time to shine. This one is an electronic ballad that really showcases the more emotional side of the band. It gives listeners a chance to feel before the record rocks them again with the catchy track “V Day.” That song is followed by the modern rock sounding “Just the Same” and the heavy/angry sounding “Dynamite.”

The effort finally comes to end with “Worth.” It’s a fitting conclusion that seems to combine a number of various musical elements from the album into one more headbang worthy track.

All in all, “Bloody Noses And Hand Grenades” is full on gothic, industrial, new wave madness that will keep listeners grooving the whole way through.