Left To Die (Ex-Death, Etc.) Planning To Work On New Music

Left To Die, the band featuring Terry Butler (Obituary, ex-Death), Rick Rozz (ex-Death, ex-Massacre), Matt Harvey (Exhumed), and Gus Rios (ex-Malevolent Creation), have revealed that they are planning to work on new music. However, it is unclear when the material will surface.

Butler told Moshpit Passion the following about the project:

“We’re approaching this as a band. We’re eventually going to put out some new music; that’s our gameplan. When we find time, put some riffs together, write some stuff, put an album out. So we are approaching this as a band. We’re honoring the album ‘Leprosy’ and Chuck [Schuldiner] by doing these handful of tours right now. Down the road, we foresee a future where we have new material, we’re playing 75 percent of our new album and throwing in five or six DEATH tunes on top of it, kind of thing. So we don’t look at it one hundred percent as a tribute band. We’re looking at it as a band with some former members that have a lot of history in that band and have written songs in that band. It’s not like we’re doing a DARK FUNERAL tribute band. We’re doing DEATH songs by people who actually wrote those songs. So that’s how we approach it.”

Rozz continued:

“Like Terry said, we’re definitely looking to record new music. Everybody has some riffs, and when we have the time, as a band, to put ’em together, we will most likely do that. Gus and I will probably end up doing some jamming while Terry and Matt are gone on tour, coming up in the next few months, and try to put a couple of things together and present it to the two of them and see what they think about it. And then, slowly but surely… We’re not gonna rush. If it’s meant to be, it’ll come together. And it’ll definitely be kickass. But we’ll see what happens. But we’re definitely looking forward to doing that, yes.”

Butler added:

“And musically, obviously, it’s gonna be in the same vein. It’s not gonna sound like TRIVIUM or GOJIRA. It’s gonna be ‘Scream’, ‘Leprosy’, [Massacre’s] ‘From Beyond’, kind of all of that thrown into a blender, and there you go… It’s good stuff. So why not have more of it?”

[via Blabbermouth]

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