Concert Review: Spiritbox, After The Burial, And Intervals In Sacramento, CA

Yesterday (April 14), I attended Spiritbox, After The Burial, and Intervals’ show at the Ace Of Spades in Sacramento, CA and it was an incredible night of headbanging fun.

The show kicked off with a set from Intervals. The band put on a solid performance with the kind of skillful precision one would expect from them. The instrumental music took the crowd on a spellbinding journey as the group fully prepared everyone for the evening ahead. Some highlights from their set included: “Alchemy,” “5-HTP,” and “String Theory.”

Following Intervals, After The Burial took the stage for a killer performance. The band exploded onto the stage with a brutal assault that had the crowd going crazy. The group’s ferocious music backed by their incomparable stage presence created a perfect storm that was tough to follow. Some highlights from their set included: “Lost In The Static,” “Death Keeps Us From Living,” and “Behold The Crown.”

Once After The Burial finished up, it was time for the headliners of the evening, Spiritbox! The band put on a powerful set that blended mesmerizing visuals with their heavy and melodic brand of progressive metal. Everything was on point, ranging from the group’s impeccable musicianship to Courtney LaPlante’s soaring vocals, which were further bolstered by additional vocals courtesy of new bassist Josh Gilbert (ex-As I Lay Dying). The band had everyone eating out of the palms of their hands from the moment they opened with “Sun Killer” and managed to sustain that excitement all the way through to their closer “Eternal Blue.” If you are ever lucky enough to catch Spiritbox live, you can expect nothing short of a great time. Some highlights from their set included: “Yellowjacket,” “Circle With Me,” “Rotoscope,” “Holy Roller,” and “Constance.”

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