Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Denies Sexual Assault Of A Minor Allegations

As previously reported, a woman named Julia Misley (aka Julia Holcomb) recently filed a lawsuit against Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler after accusing him of sexual assault of a minor. Now, according to Rolling Stone, the frontman has officially denied the allegations.

Misley previously claimed that her mother gave Tyler guardianship over her when she was just 16. The two then engaged in a sexual relationship while she was in his custody. The suit also used evidence from Tyler’s memoir, which detailed a time when he “almost took a teen bride.” Misley also described this reference as “involuntary infamy.”

On top of that, Misley’s complaint also claimed that Tyler “coerced and persuaded [her] into believing this was a ‘romantic love affair.’” She even accused the musician of having her get an abortion while she was pregnant with his son in 1975. Misley, who was 17 at the time, says he used an apartment fire as an excuse, citing smoke inhalation and a lack of oxygen to the fetus.

For his part, Tyler has a denied all of these allegations. His response says Misley’s “claims are barred in whole or in part by Plaintiff’s consent” and “because of immunity or qualified immunity to Defendant as caregiver and/or guardian.” It also claims that Misley “has not suffered any injury or damage as a result of any action by Defendant.” Tyler also said that the content in his book is protected under the first amendment.

Tyler also brought up the statute of limitations, but Misley filed her suit during a look-back window that was granted based on California’s Child Victims Act. That window officially ended on December 31, 2022.

Misley’s attorney, Jeff Anderson, has since responded:

“He’s heaping more pain on Misley and gaslighting her by falsely claiming that she ‘consented’ and that the pain he inflicted was ‘justified and in good faith.’ Never have we encountered a legal defense as obnoxious and potentially dangerous as the one that Tyler and his lawyers launched this week: Their claim that legal guardianship is consent and permission for sexual abuse.”

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