Interview: The Letter Black’s Mark Anthony Talks New Project World Gone Cold

I was recently given the chance to interview Mark Anthony (The Letter Black) about his new project World Gone Cold. You can check out that chat below. The band, which also features Traa Daniels (P.O.D), Tim “Yogi” Watts (Demon Hunter), Andrew Stanton (Disciple), and Ryland Raus (Attack Attack!), will be releasing their self-titled EP on March 17.

METAL ANARCHY: First Of all, how did World Gone Cold come together?

ANTHONY: It started out as a solo project that I was starting. I realized that it sucks to just do a solo project since you have no one to bounce ideas off of and that when me and Ryland got together and started writing all the songs you know of today.

METAL ANARCHY: How does this project compare to your other bands?

ANTHONY: It’s a completely different monster. You can hear all the influences if it’s from our other bands or just other badass bands we love but it’s definitely a whole other thing by itself.

METAL ANARCHY: I think it’s cool how you all come from such different musical backgrounds. Did your individual styles meld well together?

ANTHONY: It did and I think it’s something that really shines when you listen to the whole EP.

METAL ANARCHY: How would you describe the overall sound of your upcoming EP?

ANTHONY: Heavy vibes with a dark melodic pop finish.

METAL ANARCHY: What lyrical themes do explore on the effort?

ANTHONY: Lyrically there is a lot of emphasis on perspective and how important perception can be in relationships. There are stories about witch hunts, exploration and cannibalism referring to historical events.

METAL ANARCHY: What was the recording process like?

ANTHONY: We do things a little differently. I usually write all the music while Ryland handles all of the lyrics and melodies. Once that is formalized the rest of the guys put their pieces on it to make it very unique to the sound you now know of as World Gone Cold.

METAL ANARCHY: The effort’s first single, “Opposites Attract,” is killer! What would you like to tell readers about that song?

ANTHONY: It’s about heart break. Remembering two different sides of a relationship. The bright and shinny feel good memories and the dark and emotional ones. It has heartbroken melodies and aggressive pleas for reason. This song will challenge you to understand how opposites attract.

METAL ANARCHY: What are some of your personal favorite tracks from the EP?

ANTHONY: All of them really. Each track has a unique character to it. Each has a different vibe and tells a unique story.

METAL ANARCHY: Are you planning any tours in support of the effort?

ANTHONY: Yes we are. We have a headline tour starting in July. Tour dates and venues will be announced soon.

METAL ANARCHY: Lastly, what does the future hold for this project?

ANTHONY: Easy. World domination!! We want to be on the road a lot and tour the world.

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