Northlane’s Marcus Bridge Guests On New Version Of Kate Miller-Heidke’s “The Last Day On Earth”

Northlane’s Marcus Bridge is featured on a new version of Kate Miller-Heidke’s “The Last Day On Earth.“ You can check that out below:

Miller-Heidke commented:

“I was asked to reinterpret Last Day On Earth for the upcoming Paramount+ series “Last King Of the Cross”, about the Ibrahim brothers, Kings Cross, organised crime, gun violence. Classic Kate Miller-Heidke stuff.

It’s a story that covers so much emotional terrain. There is the vulnerability and bond between brothers, but of course, there is violence and angst. We decided that a way to reflect all of these emotional colours in the music would be to have a metal element, and a masculine energy in the music. Enter Marcus Bridge of Northlane.

Marcus brings such an incredible intensity to the song – a sense of urgency and vulnerability at the same time. He has such an amazing command of his instrument – from really soft, sensitive sections to completely yelling. His emotional range is staggering, and this version of Last Day On Earth has so many shades and colours because of him. Even different themes that I hadn’t realised were there: the frustration of loss, and the anger. It’s a phenomenal performance.”


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