Crosses (†††) Are Working On “Some Heavier Stuff”

Crosses (†††), the project featuring Chino Moreno (Deftones) and Shaun Lopez (Far), have confirmed that they are working on more new music. Notably, Moreno says some of the material is “heavier.”

Lopez told Revolver the following:

“There’s stuff that’s been done since before even the two songs that came out earlier this year, but we’re just really thinking about how to release them. These six songs [‘PERMANENT.RADIANT‘] really represent what we’re doing right now, and I think the newest EP, we thought about those six songs and how we really like the way they flow together. And maybe one or two of those might’ve been done and ready to go in February of this year. But we’re not like, ‘Oh, we finished a song — we have to get it out right now because it’s done.’ It’s not how we roll.”

Moreno went on to say that the band have a lot of material:

“I’d say well beyond [an album’s worth]. I think some of the stuff’s at different stages but I think that’s our plan. To get something full-lengthed that would fill the spectrum and have each song kind of complement the other, and kind of put together an LP.”

Lopez continued:

“I think there might be five songs that are done and there might be five songs that are seeds. Like, this could really be a song, it might be a nice foundation of a track and a vocal melody but not really lyrics there. And there might be another five where the track is there and the vocal melody is there and some of the lyrics are there but it’s not quite wrapped up yet. But I think that’s a good description of what’s going on.”

Moreno also added the following about the direction of the new music:

“I’d say all over the board. There’s not one sense of direction for the whole LP. But I think there’s some heavier stuff. One of the songs we recorded last week is, for Crosses, certainly one of the heaviest things we’ve done. Although I hate saying that because people’s definition of heavy can be… whatever.”

Lopez clarified:

“I think “heavy” is a good word for that sound, but I think what’s crazy is … it’s probably the heaviest tune we’ve done but there’s actually no guitars in it. So it’s kind of a weird thing. I agree with what Chino said, it’s kind of going further in every direction. Not just heavy, not just pop.”


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