GoFundMe Launched For Crobot After Thieves Steal Their Trailer And Gear

While Crobot were in Austin, TX, thieves ended up stealing their entire trailer full of gear. You can help the band out by donating via GoFundMe.

The group commented:

“We’ve seen it happen too often and sadly, now it’s happened to us. To say these thieves made away with our livelihood is an understatement.

We’re going through every avenue and option we have to retrieve our stolen gear and will continue to do so. We fear though our options are few and won’t come close to what we’ll need to get back on our feet.

If you’d like to help in any way our great friend Maia Donohue put together a GoFundMe to help us replace all of our stolen gear and purchase a new trailer.

We hate that it has to come to this but anything helps.

If anyone has any information regarding our stolen gear, please contact us.

Thanks for all of your support!”

A list of stolen items was also shared:

Orange cab, 2 bass cabs and head, numerous patch cables, speaker cables, xIr’s, self contained in ear monitor system contained in a custom built road case, two custom built split snakes, drum kit, drum hardware, cymbals, cases for everything, custom built props, mic stands, microphones for everything, stage clothes, backstock of drum heads, strings, drum sticks, harmonicas…

Drums shells:
(Ddrum dios matte black finish)
22×20 kick drum with Crobot ice cream logo head, Kelly shu internal drum mic mounts, kickpro kick drum pillow 12″ rack tom
16″ floor tom
14×6.5″ ddrum dios maple snare drum (black)
14×6.5″ Mapex sledgehammer hand hammered brass snare drum
3x DW DWCP9700 9000 series straight / boom cymbal stand
Ddrum Mercury three tier boom stand
Ddrum saddle throne with blue top
Shure A50D microphone drum mount
Gibraltar SC-Mat medium accessory table
Roland PDS-20 sample pad stand
2× K&M overhead mic stands
Gator adjustable angle 9 inch clamp on mini boom
Iron Cobra 900 power alide double bass

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