Nickelback To Be Inducted Into Canadian Music Hall Of Fame

The Canadian Academy Of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) will be honoring Nickelback by inducting them into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame. The ceremony will take place as part of next year’s Juno Awards, which will be held at Rogers Place in Edmonton, AB on March 13.

Frontman Chad Kroeger commented:

“Returning home to Alberta, where everything started for us, is truly a full circle, milestone moment for the band. We take so much pride in our Canadian roots and are extremely humbled by this honor.”

Allan Reid, president and CEO of CARAS and the Juno Awards, added:

“A true Canadian success story, with 12 Juno awards on their mantles already, NICKELBACK’s upcoming induction is a testament to the role they’ve played in shaping the country’s rock music history. For more than two decades, we’ve watched them grow from a local indie band to globally renowned rockstars. On March 13, we’ll acknowledge how exceptional this career trajectory really is.”

;via Blabbermouth]


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