Triptykon To Perform Early Celtic Frost Songs At 2023 Hell’s Heroes Festival In Houston, TX

Triptykon will be performing songs from Celtic Frost‘s “Morbid Tales” and “To Mega Therion“ during a special set at the 2023 Hell’s Heroes Festival. The event will be held at the White Oak Music Hall in Houston, TX on March 24-25 and it will also feature: Possessed, Razor, Demon, Leige Lord, Pagan Altar, Satan, Visigoth, Ross The Boss, Night Demon, Hällas, Brocas Helm, Skull Fist, Haunt, Night Cobra, Christian Mistress, Riot City, Danava, Goat Horn, Freeways, Spell, Tower, Morgul Blade, Natur, Century, Gatekeeper, Midnight Dice, and Voltax.


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