Bossk Join Forces With Pijn For Reimagined Version Of “Kobe”

Bossk have joined forces with Pijn for a reimagined version of their song “Kobe.” You can check out the updated take on the track below:

Bossk bassist Tom Begley commented:

“Following the release of the last record, ‘Migration‘, we internally discussed about what would be next for the band. The final stages of completing ‘Migration‘ were incredibly difficult, due to Covid and the sudden passing of Etsuo [Endon] who was featured on every track.

We wanted to do another full release that was as different as possible, and to try out new things that we haven’t done yet. Full details about what the rest of this next release will come very soon.”

Pijn guitarist Joe Clayton continued:

“Bossk have long been a band we looked up to. Their shows with the likes of Cult of Luna, Devil Sold His Soul and Rinoa before their hiatus were super important in my personal journey into this type of music, so it was an honour to be asked to be involved in a project with them.

It was a little daunting to present our own version of ‘Kobe,’ a track that signified Bossk‘s return with ‘Audio Noir‘, and at the time of being asked, had nearly a million streams on Spotify alone.

On top of that, many of the guitar parts are heavily effect driven, something that we knew we could not replicate. I sat down with Claire (violin) and prioritised working out drones that could sit within the key of the song, as well as making structural changes to suit our style.

As soon as Rob‘s guitar melody was reworked as a call and response between violin and guitar the rest of the track came very smoothly, and being so strings-driven pushed it in a folkier direction than we thought it would go.

Our arrangement didn’t call for a huge drop into a riff like the original, but hopefully big dusty chords, tremolo worship (who doesn’t love Earth or GY!BE) and roomier production provide an interesting take on a great song.”

Begley added:

“Working on this song with Joe was fantastically easy and straight forward, he understood exactly what we were looking for from the track right away. It was such a strange experience hearing another band’s version of your song, but we are pleased with the results!”

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