Metal Anarchy’s New Music Showcase: Exclusive Q&A With exPorter

Time for the next edition of Metal Anarchy’s “new music showcase,” the feature where I introduce you to bands that readers of this site may find interesting. This time I have an exclusive Q&A with Alec and Destin Cavazos of exPorter.

METAL ANARCHY: Tell me a little about your band:

ALEC: Hello Metal Anarchy! So my name is Alec Cavazos and I’m here with my brother, Destin, and we play in a little ol’ pop-punk band called, “exPorter”. We are a Southern California band that started in Santa Barbara, CA.

Our lineup consists of – me, Alec on Guitar & Vocals
Destin Cavazos plays Bass and also sings Vocals
And we have our good friend Henry Kish on Drums

DESTIN: We are straight up 90’s pop-punk meets emo meets alt rock. Two brothers and their friend ready for the Warp tour to come back. Alec and I grew up going to Warped Tour every summer, and I think that influence is really clear on a lot of our music; that sort of rough-edged radio rock is what we try to capture with our sound.

Alec and I have been playing music for more than 10 years, even longer if you count messing around on Rock Band. Rock Band is actually how our band life got started, our dad saw us rocking out on the Wii and said if you want to be real rock stars you better learn how to really play instruments. So I started taking bass lessons and Alec started guitar. I think Henry has been playing drums for almost as long.

Anyway, As brothers, we always had the benefit of just jamming at home growing up, and we realized we really enjoyed playing and writing music together. So we thought, hey let’s just make a band! We started with our friend Jess on drums and called ourselves “adj.” (adjective). When Jess left we got our friend Owen to play drums and we became “Porter” and then he left for school. We used “Porter” after The Smiths producer John Porter if you want a little exPorter trivia.

ALEC: Then Owen left and we asked Henry if he wanted to play drums. I knew Henry from baseball and we had a show set up so it was pretty cool to have Henry step in. He had one rehearsal with us but I think we all knew that this was the lineup for sure. That was around 2018 and a quick name change from Porter to exPorter was all we needed.

METAL ANARCHY: Who are your main influences?

DESTIN: Again, I think if you knew how many times we went to Warped Tour and how many bands we saw, I think for sure you have to give a lot of credit to that. We also grew up in SoCal so you had bands like Social Distortion, No Doubt, any band on KROQ or KJEE which are two great alt rock stations out there. But as a pop-punk/emo band I think more than anything our sound is inspired by 90’s, early 2000’s pop-punk for sure. Bands like Blink and New Found Glory, earlier Green Day, those guys were huge influences on us.

ALEC: Yeah, pop punk bands out of the 90s for sure are an influence on our band. Bands like Blink or Green Day, Jimmy Eat World and that vibe are in there for sure. For me personally, Tom DeLonge has been a huge influence on me. He’s the reason I started playing guitar. I know recently, a band like Modern Baseball has been pretty influential in what I write, at least lyrically.

DESTIN: For me I also listened to a lot of other 80’s and 90’s stuff too that I think makes it’s way in to my songs. The Smiths, Smoking Popes, the Cure. Crowded House was on all the time growing up. And all of it sort of makes it’s way into our band. I know Henry is a huge fan of The Who and more recently has been into Turnstile. We all kind of bring it in to exPorter which is what I think makes our stuff relatable.

METAL ANARCHY: What is your latest release and why should readers of this site check it out?

ALEC: We actually just released our debut album “NoBrakesNoBrakesNoBrakes” in May and that’s getting out there for airplay. We also JUST wrapped up some Summer shows and are now planning some Winter ones.

So far the feedback has been great on the album and we’d love to know what your readers think. As a band we try to take all the feedback in cause we think it can only help us get better as a band…better as songwriters.

NoBrakes is a culmination of songs written as far back as 2018 to songs written May of 2021. We began recording with a few tracks “Lassie” and “Elizabeth”, that we thought were just going to be like a double single release. Once they were out and received some success both online and in radio play (charting in the Top 50 SubModern Charts), we decided it was time to make a full album. A lot of our hard work went into making this and we recorded for about a year….it would be great to know what people think.

DESTIN: Hopefully people are listening to it already! There’s a lot of new music that not a lot of folks have heard and I really think we covered a lot of ground soundwise. There’s pop-punk in there for sure and if you have heard an exPorter song before, you will definitely pick up on that vibe. But we’ve tried our best to explore some different genres throughout the album and I really do think there’s a good mix.

METAL ANARCHY: What can people expect when they go to your live shows?

DESTIN: I’m pretty sure if you come out to see exPorter live, you’re going to have a good time. Alec has mentioned this in a few interviews that people are always coming up to us after a show and saying how fun it was, how much fun we look like we’re having. Yeah, our shows are high energy for sure. Lots of jumping around except for Henry cause he’s drumming, but he’s jumping around in his mind I’m sure of it.

We’re just guitar bass and drums on stage but I think we get a ton of sound up there and we want you to love what we’re putting out there so we try hard not to let you down. 😊

METAL ANARCHY: Where do you see your band heading in 5 years?

ALEC: This is the cliché answer and we know it, but it really is the honest answer with this band – we really just want to be a better band in the future. When we first took this on as something we really wanted to do, we all made a decision to just keep getting better as a band. We wanted to write and record our own stuff so we put out our EP “Bored”. Then Destin and I start writing more stuff and we get to Elizabeth and Lassie and those get on the radio so we make a whole album. Hopefully, we just keep writing better songs and a better album. It goes for everything in the band too….each show should be better than the last. Our next batch of merch should be cooler than what we had.

It’s all based on perception of the listener and stuff and I’m not saying we’ll eventually write the best song ever. But if we push ourselves to at least try and do that then at the very least we, as exPorter should continue to grow.

With our shows just wrapping up, hopefully we get bigger and better venues next. Maybe someone takes along for support on their tour. Festivals would be great.

It would be great to get signed to a label.

That’s what we’re pushing for.

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