Billy Sheehan On The Possibility Of Mr. Big Playing Shows In 2023: “We’re Certainly Strongly Considering It”

During an interview with Dr. Music, Billy Sheehan offered an update on Mr. Big. The bassist says the band are “strongly considering” the possibility of playing shows next year.

Sheehan said the following:

“We might do some MR. BIG [dates] at some point next year. We’re not sure. Possibly.”

He continued when asked if the group have found a replacement for late drummer Pat Torpey:

“Possibly. We’re looking at a couple of people. We loved playing with Matt Starr — he was really great — but we need a higher-pitched voice. Matt’s a great singer but he doesn’t have the range that Pat Torpey had. And to make everything sound the way it did, we’re gonna need that extra thing there. So that makes it a little difficult for us and it narrows the field down. But there’s a couple of people we might look into. But we still don’t know.”

“After we did the shows without Pat — the first time after we lost him — again, Matt Starr did a great job. But it wasn’t Pat; Pat wasn’t there. So I’m glad we took some time — a couple of years — to just kind of lay off of it. But a lot of people write all the time and they really wanna see the band. We would like to play for them too. So we’ll see. Nothing’s for certain at this point, but we’re certainly strongly considering it.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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