Ryan Shuck Says “There’s No Chance” Of Adema Reuniting With Marky Chavez

During a recent appearance on “J-Bunny’s Music Hub Podcast,” Adema vocalist Ryan Shuck was asked about the possibility of the band reuniting with their original singer Marky Chavez. The frontman responded by saying “there’s no chance” of that ever happening.

Shuck said the following:

“Oh, no, no, no. There’s not a chance. No, no, no. I own this. There’s no option for that. No, not at all. I tried to put it together with Marky. That’s how I ended up accidentally offering, or accepting, their kind of plea for some, ‘Hey, will you come in and sing for us for a tour?’ And it just turned out so well that I kept doing it.

No, there’s no chance [of Chavez returning to the band]. Unfortunately, Marky‘s jumped in, told them that he’s gonna do it and then he’s jumped out and pulled the plug on too many big tours, on too many good things, and it’s dampened the band so badly.

Marky‘s really not been a great person and hasn’t really respected the art and the fans and the band, and obviously isn’t doing it anymore at all — you know, just doesn’t seem to care.

These guys will go play. If they get a tour offer, the guys will do it — they’ll do it at the drop of a dime. And you have a situation with Marky where he continually pulls the carpet out from under the band. And all they’ve wanted is for a singer to have his shit together. I happen to be that guy. The multiple singers they’ve had have not had their shit together — they haven’t had the experience that I’ve had and they haven’t had the vision or the management or the things that I bring to the table.

I think that the performance of the two singles are evidence, proof that [producer] Amir [Derakh] and I know what the fuck we’re doing. They’re performing better than any of the singles they’ve released on major labels with any of the past singers, and they’re performing on par with the original Adema stuff. I have all the numbers because I am the record label. And it’s doing really, really well. So, for me, that was sort of the indicator of whether I should keep doing it or not.

But no, I don’t think there’s a chance in hell these guys would ever do anything with Marky again. Most of the fans, I think, get it. The fans that don’t get it, unfortunately, you’re missing someone that doesn’t like you. You’re missing someone that does not care about whether or not you supported him.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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