The Cult’s Ian Astbury Breaks Up Fight During Washington, D.C. Concert

According to TMZ, The Cult’s Ian Astbury broke up a fight during the band’s July 19 show at The Anthem in Washington, D.C. The band were performing “Rain” when the singer jumped in the crowd to stop the altercation, which broke out between a tall concertgoer and another person, who was angry about his view being blocked. Ian also hugged the shorter fan, who was put in a chokehold, before returning to the stage to address the situation:

“Brother, never ever put a chokehold on somebody. It’s not fucking cool… Stop crying. It’s a fucking rock show. You don’t like it? Go stand at the back. You’re tall. You’re bigger than everybody. You’re standing at the front of a rock show. What do you think?”

You can see footage of the incident, courtesy of Creative Underground, below:

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