David Lee Roth Reportedly Holding Up Van Halen Tribute Project

There has been numerous reports about a possible Van Halen tribute show/tour to honor the band’s late guitarist Eddie Van Halen. However, SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk is now reporting that the idea has stalled due to frontman David Lee Roth, who he says is “a difficult guy to wrangle.”

Trunk said the following:

“I had a very, very, very reliable source tell me last night [June 30] at THE BLACK CROWES show that the hold-up on the VAN HALEN-anything happening is a lot of it falling on David Lee Roth, that David Lee Roth — to no surprise; it shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody — is a difficult guy to wrangle, a difficult guy to get an answer on, a difficult guy to get focused on anything, a difficult guy to get to sign off on anything. He is all over the map, as you would expect and have seen throughout history, and that the big hold-up in anything happening with VAN HALEN is not Alex, who wants to do it and is trying; it’s actually Roth who needs to sign off and be involved. Also, contrary to any reports of anything different, Alex and [former VAN HALEN bassist] Michael Anthony are totally cool and there’s no issue there at all. And the stumbling block is trying to get Alex and Dave on the same page and Dave wanting to do this and how they’re gonna do it. And that’s really one of the big stumbling issues. And it did not escape anybody, as I’ve said before, you’ve got two Taylor Hawkins [tribute concerts] in two different countries [announced] two months after Taylor passed or so, and here we are coming up on two years [after VAN HALEN guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s death] and they can’t figure out anything for Eddie. It’s crazy. Hopefully that’ll be corrected.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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