311 Vocalist Doug “SA” Martinez Seemingly Condemns Drummer Chad Sexton’s Conspiracy Theory Beliefs In New Poem

As reported by The PRP, 311 drummer Chad Sexton has been causing controversy after appearing to voice support for a number of nonsensical far-right conspiracy theory beliefs on Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform. This includes his apparent support for Russia amid the invasion of Ukraine, even though he claims he is against war, his belief in the idiotic flat earth theory, and more. With this in mind, 311 vocalist Doug “SA” Martinez has seemingly condemned Sexton’s beliefs in a new poem.

Martinez said the following:

“Where o where did that spirit go tell me holmez do u kno do u kno

we dj’d w/tapes in caves all the college kidz wuz LiT 🔥 we dropped the Doors’ peace frog on their behindz n shook them in their choniez i guzzled the firewater poured it down my youth n got stumbly drunk rolled out the piece n stumbled sum more onto my cave wall piss u held me up n laughed told me about it next day n we laughed again

tripped LSD in dormz where I lost myself didn’t know my form

n maybe now we r jacked from archaic acid flashbacks

who tf knowz

but somewhere the wirez got crossed n now I feel light yearz lost from a real world cuz how tf can that dude I knew ride 4war

n how the hell do u love someone who prefers to be feared

in sum parallel U that dude snatched a dream catcher from a coed rear view n iz still running wild

i’ve long forgotten where that old cave liez n no longer can we dance n hide but god if i could i would smash n pulverize the spider that haz snared the drummer in its dark web”

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