Dani Filth Says Cradle Of Filth “Have Many Exciting Things Planned For 2022”

Cradle Of Filth’s Dani Filth has taken to social media to reflect on 2021 and to offer some insight into the band’s plans for 2022. According to him, the group “have many exciting things planned.”

Filth said the following:

“Firstly, in this festive address, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. May it be a productive and fruitfully delicious one for each & every one of you! ⁣

Despite 2021 being another year of the plague & not seeing much action in the live department, it did bare witness to the release of our new album ‘Existence Is Futile’. It also enabled us to partially tour the album in the States, where we played the two video tracks alongside fan-faves, as we brought our worldwide tour of ‘CATB’ to a head.⁣

COF also undertook our anticipated livestream event in May. Thanks for your patience with this, despite the constant shifting of the goalposts. And extra thanks goes to all the crew and production teams that made the monster happen, you all went above & beyond the call of duty & we can’t wait to unleash the new one early in 2022 (info about this to follow).⁣

Elsewhere, some live events did go on regardless despite the voracity of the virus, one of which was the impressive Bloodstock which was attended by a little over 20k excited Metal fans who were absolutely gagging at the bit to be back at a big live show after so long.⁣

And of course we played another big production show on All Hallow’s Eve at the London Roundhouse, which really was a phantasmagorically fiery performance. We f**king loved it! And it proved such a befitting end to what was essentially a shallow year in terms of playing live, but such a productive one for many other aspects of the band.⁣

We as a band have many exciting things planned for 2022, not least of all the continuation of our Incendium comic book series & toys & our ever expanding drinks line, but also plenty of potential live dates/ collaborations/ aberrations/ trinkets & baubles/ strange darksome exotica and above all else, music!⁣

So it leaves me now not only to thank our wonderful management team at Oracle; the incredible Crew; all the lovely people who look after us (from legal to general); the record label, the music press, fellow-bands & inmates and fellow bandmates… But also you guys for keeping the twisted faith alive & supporting COF throughout all these trying times. ⁣

Your fiend… Dani Filth”

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