Nandi Bushell Shares Drum Cover Of Tool’s “Forty Six & 2”

Musical prodigy Nandi Bushell has shared a drum cover of Tool’s “Forty Six & 2.” You can check that out below:

Bushell commented:

“Forty Six & 2 by Tool – This really was the most challenging drum cover I have done, so far! Lots and lots of complex timing changes and difficult patterns, its really fast in parts and its really long song too! I really enjoyed the challenge!!! I am now a #ProgRock fan! #DannyCarey – AMAZING beats!

My Uncle Ema LOVES #Tool, he has been playing me all their songs hoping I will cover one for a very long time. This one is for you Uncle Zombie. Tool are my most requested band to cover!

Thank you for supporting me #roland #zildjian #ludwig #vicfirth #sontronics #roland Ludwig Drums Zildjian Company Vic Firth Sontronics Roland

Thank you Sina-Drums and your Dad for helping me with the drumless track! Sina-Drums YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I love all your videos!”

Notably, Adam Jones also reacted to the cover:

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