Sleep Waker Release Reimagined Version Of “Distance”

Sleep Waker have released a reimagined version of their song “Distance.” The band commented:

“‘Distance Reimagined‘ came from our love of softer emo and shoegaze music. Everyone in the band has a major affinity for it, and we felt it would be a good time to highlight that some of us have talents outside of our usual instruments. Hunter [Courtright] used to play guitar in the band before Sleep Waker, Jake [Impellizzeri] started as a drummer for a pop punk band, Aaron [Lutas] had this hidden piano talent no one knew about, and Frankie [Mish] is constantly writing with guitar. This song is an expression of the band from a different and much more personal perspective. We love to experiment and mess around, and we’re very excited to bring more experimentation into the sound of Sleep Waker.”

[via Gear Gods]

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