Frank Sidoris (Slash, Mammoth WVH) And His Wife Involved In “Serious Car Accident”

Frank Sidoris (Slash, Mammoth WVH) and his wife Allie were recently involved in a “serious car accident” on their way to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the incident caused Allie to fracture her L1 vertebrae and her right ring finger.

Sidoris said the following:

“As many of you already know, Allie and I were involved in a serious car accident yesterday en route to LA resulting in a fracture of her L1 vertebrae and a small fracture in her right ring finger. A small pickup truck was towing a van of illegal weight on a single axle trailer without brake lights or turn signals in the middle lane of the 15 South just before Baker, CA. The driver hit his brakes on a downhill causing the weight of the van and trailer to push the pickup directly in front of us, making him completely perpendicular to the left lane we were in giving us nowhere to go except the desert median. We clipped the front of his pickup truck which sent us airborne over a drainage ditch, crashing head-on in to the other side. It was a truly traumatic experience, but at least we are alive and Allie’s injuries are mendable through surgery and months of physical therapy. Her surgeon is one of the best there is and considering my wife’s strength and how she’s been an absolute superhero through everything she’s gone through, I know she’ll be able to bounce back with time. I’m hopeful the road ahead won’t be a long one. Thank you to each and every one of you for reaching out and for all of the amazing support you’ve given us over the years during the hardest times of our lives, it means the world.”

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