Metal Anarchy’s New Music Showcase: Exclusive Q&A With FleischKrieg

Time for the next edition of Metal Anarchy’s “new music showcase,” the feature where I introduce you to artists that readers of this site may find interesting. This time I have an exclusive Q&A with Richard Cranor of FleischKrieg.

METAL ANARCHY: Tell me a little about your band:

CRANOR: I started FleischKrieg as a solo project in 2019. Then I met Thomas Crawford while I was an uber driver in Seattle. We talked about industrial metal during the car ride and discovered we both were fans. I tried singing in his solo project CERAPHYM but I wasn’t really cut out for it, I could barely sing back then. But he enjoyed what I was trying to do with FleischKrieg, and we’ve been jamming ever since. We recently added NUDA (keyboards) and Living Dead Drummer (Nick Mason) to our lineup.

METAL ANARCHY: Who are your main influences?

CRANOR: I always joke that if Rammstein and Depeche Mode had a baby, it would be us. We’re very influenced by the Neue Deutsche Harte movement out of Germany. It’s cliche I know, but whatever. Nothing beats metal guitars and dance beats in my opinion. I think if they like metal with an electronic atmosphere to it, it will work for them. We definitely have our own thing going despite the overt influences of the other bands. Not afraid of the simplicity of power chords and big synths working together to create an amazing, anthem-esque sound.

METAL ANARCHY: What is your latest release and why should readers of this site check it out?

CRANOR: We’re about to release our debut album in the fall entitled “Herzblut”. We’ve released two singles from that album, “Fool’s Folly”, and more recently “Reach”, both of which have music videos. They both give listeners a taste of what’s to come both sonically and visually. We’re going to release one more single in September. It’s a cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax”. It’s definitely a heavier take on the 80’s classic that won’t disappoint.

METAL ANARCHY: What can people expect when they go to your live shows?

CRANOR: Thomas is a wild man – he’s been playing a long time. He has all the stage moves figured out. I’m not exactly shy myself. We won’t just stand there looking moody. We like to get it on. As we continue to grow, our shows will become more interactive. You’ll have to come see what we mean to fully understand.

METAL ANARCHY: Where do you see your band heading in 5 years?

CRANOR: I see us playing a lot of festivals in Europe…the big goth industrial shows. That would be fantastic. Working with some bigger names in that genre. Thomas has a goal for us to play at least four continents within five years.

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