Lotus Eater Call It Quits Amid Allegations Leveled Against Frontman Paul Collins

Lotus Eater have officially called it quits. This news comes after a number of disturbing sexual misconduct and abuse allegations were leveled against vocalist Paul Collins.

The band initially responded to the accusations with the following statement:

“Paul Collins is no longer a member of Lotus Eater.”

However, they then issued another statement confirming that they have disbanded:

“Lotus Eater
Gloom Worldwide, thank you for everything.”

Paul Collins has also issued his own statement denying the allegations:

“I have been made aware of a Twitter and Instagram page that is a group of my ex partners that are portraying me in horrendous and disgusting ways when I was in my teens. I am now 25. These stories are NOT true and I wouldn’t dream of doing any of these things to women or anyone and any arguments I’ve had with them are blown highly out of proportion. I will be revising these statements and addressing them thoroughly.

These are people that are using my old relationships as a way to destroy me as a person, musician and partner. You have relationships when you’re younger and you learn from mistakes you make throughout those relationships. I understand that the way I could speak when I was younger was irrational and I didn’t understand what I do now about interacting with people, especially when I felt uncomfortable.

I will hold myself accountable for the things I do wrong but these things are a deformation of my character and slander. My band and band mates, friends and my family have nothing to do with this and I will take full responsibility. I am stepping down from Lotus Eater until these statements are sorted.

I am taking legal action. My partner Kirsty is also making a statement about my character. I AM NOT who you are saying I am.”

This news comes as Lotus Eater were preparing to release their new album “Where The Body Goes” on July 23 and after they released a music video for the single “Obliterate,” which features Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes.

[via The PRP]

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