Goregäng (The Absence, Etc.) Premiere Video For Cover Of White Zombie’s “Electric Head, Part 1 (The Agony)”

Goregäng (The Absence, etc.) have premiered a new video for their cover of White Zombie’s “Electric Head, Part 1 (The Agony).” This track is from the band’s new EP “Long Live The Grime,” which will be released on April 30. Taylor Nordberg commented:

“I don’t think there was a whole lot of planning went into the cover. Most of our ideas come to life really quick. I think I had a passing idea that it would be cool to cover with this band, then I think I just pumped the music out and surprised Jeramie, then the next day we just had a blast coming up with all the sound effects and noises for the song, and laying down the vocals. We wanted to do a super 90’s style video for the song as well, just something fun, and I think we nailed it. Old horror movies, dancers, aviator sunglasses…classic Zombie!”

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