We Came As Romans To Perform “To Plant A Seed” In Full During April Livestream Show

Since their “To Plant A Seed” 10th anniversary tour was postponed once again, We Came As Romans have decided to perform the album in full during a livestream show. The virtual event will take place on April 23 and tickets for it can be found HERE.

Dave Stephens said the following:

“We’re so stoked to announce this livestream for our ‘To Plant A Seed‘ 10-year anniversary tour/set. While we were in the middle of this tour last year, we had to unexpectedly pack up and go home due to COVID-19, which left us, and a lot of fans, disappointed that we couldn’t be performing this set.

The best way we could think of to bring these songs to our fans was through a livestream. Along with the stream, we’re releasing very limited edition merch, designed by our own Andy Glass, just like we did on the tour. Our hope is to bring this set to life — wherever you can watch it to help us all continue to get through tough times.”

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