Skillet’s John Cooper Speaks Out Against Cancel Culture

Skillet’s John Cooper has spoken out against cancel culture. The frontman rambled about the topic during a recent episode of his “Cooper Stuff” podcast, saying that it “is very frightening.”

Cooper said the following about cancel culture:

“How does that work when Christians are making art, when Christians are making film? How do you make art in a world that wants to cancel you for, maybe, the art that you would make? Now, SKILLET hasn’t been canceled yet, which is wonderful. I hope we don’t get canceled. Could that happen? I don’t know. I didn’t think Dr. Seuss would get canceled.”

“I’m of the feeling that we Christians, and we conservatives… I think we need to begin to spend your money on the things that you believe — buy things from people of like mind. I’m telling you — I never thought that I would be the one saying it. That makes it sound like we want our own little Christian bubble — Christian candy, Christian chicken, Christian barbecue sauce, Christian shoes, Christian music, Christian books… I could go on and on. I never thought that I wanted to live in that bubble, and I do not wanna live in that bubble. But things are changing.”

“A few weeks ago, some people came at me on Twitter and things, and they were, like, ‘John’s talking about government censorship. This isn’t government censorship.’ So I tried to make it clear. You’re right — it’s not government censorship; that’s not what I’m talking about. The government doesn’t need to censor something if we create a culture where you’re not allowed to say certain things. If we create a culture that does that and there’s no incentives — if businesses yank your stuff, if book publishers yank your stuff. I even said that as an example a while back. If you’ve got a publisher that drops you. You’ve written a book, [and] your publisher drops the book because they don’t wanna be associated with you — you’ve just said hate speech, or whatever you’ve done. Well, now there’s going to be incentive for Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million, whoever, there’s gonna be incentive for those companies to also drop your book. So let’s just say that I wrote a book, and then my publisher said, ‘I’m dropping John Cooper’s book,’ and they drop the book because it’s — I don’t know, whatever — hate speech. Well, what if Barnes & Noble says, ‘We’re not dropping the book.’ Well, now Barnes & Noble gets hammered from Twitter, from the social justice warriors, from the hyper-left folks, because they are supporting hate speech. So now Barnes & Noble also has to drop the book, because they have to virtue signal. So if they don’t drop the book, then they’re not woke anymore. They need those ‘woke cookies.’ Well, if Barnes & Noble is gonna get woke cookies, then Books-A-Million needs to get woke cookies. And if Books-A-Million gets woke cookies, you know Amazon needs woke cookies. So if you’ve created a culture where freedom of speech is so disincentivized that you’ve got publishers, book stores — everybody — who doesn’t want anything to do with you. Now Twitter wants to ban you too, ’cause you’re hate speech. Then there are no platforms for you to get your stuff out. This is very frightening. The government doesn’t even need to do anything. The government doesn’t need to crack down on you, because they’re, like, ‘Why would we crack down when culture is doing it?'”

This news comes after Cooper previously took issue with Twitter for their decision to suspend Donald Trump’s account, even though the social media outlet is a private company that has the right to suspend accounts that cause harm.

[via Blabbermouth]

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