Actor Tanner Buchanan (“Cobra Kai”) Used To Be A Member Of A Progressive Death Metal Band

Actor Tanner Buchanan (“Cobra Kai”) has revealed that he used to perform in a progressive death metal band called Acidosis. Buchanan recently discussed that project with At Large, saying that the group “played a lot of Gojira covers.”

Buchanan said the following:

“My friend in the band says, I have a good name: Acidosis. So the band was Acidosis. We played a lot of Gojira covers, which I’m super excited about, because ‘Cobra Kai’ posted the show playlists on Instagram. Now my all-time favorite band is Pantera. But my second all-time is Gojira, a French-prog metal band. They ended up following me on Instagram and I had a freak-out moment. I had been listening to them since I was 12. We knew all their songs. Played all their songs. And they followed me on Instagram. I had this out-of-body experience, like, ‘Gojira, they know who I am. They know who I am!’ This is my childhood right here.”

He also added that he still gets “giddy” about some musicians:

“I just want to be Dave Grohl’s best friend because he’s such an awesome guy. Same thing with Corey Taylor [of] Slipknot. He’s another guy I would just super freak out about if I ever got to meet…. Him going from Stone Sour to then Slipknot, it was definitely a change in pace. A band of four or five to a band of, what, nine or ten? And they’re all wearing masks. You’re like, what is going on? But I do enjoy the music. I just like Corey Taylor a lot. Corey Taylor’s my guy.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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