GoFundMe Launched To Help Save The Home Of Eddie Van Halen’s Longtime Guitar Tech Tom Weber

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched for Tom Weber, the longtime guitar tech of the late Eddie Van Halen. Weber is in need of money to help save his home.

The following was said on GoFundMe:

“Though in demand in normal times, the last few years have been especially trying for Tom, not just with the passing of Ed Van Halen, an employer and friend, but also with the loss of his business at the hands of a predatory landlord, who successfully forced him out of the building where his guitar repair shop had been located for 25 years, while he was on tour! The loss of the business has been compounded by the sale of two other buildings where what remained of Tom’s business has been stored. One of the buildings was sold recently, which makes it necessary for him to move yet again, at a time where there is no income, and no potential for work on the horizon in the foreseeable future due to the total collapse of the live entertainment industry because of COVID19

‘I’d try to get back into a shop if I wasn’t in a position to lose my home’ he says, but with the coming expense of having to relocate, or lose what’s left of what was supposed to be his eventual exit from touring, and ever growing debt on his family’s home, it will soon be a choice between one or the other.”

Weber added:

“Things are looking pretty bleak at the moment, I won’t lie. I have been looking for employment, but am told I am over qualified for the jobs that are available in the area I live in, or that the job is more suited to a younger candidate, and now with the uncertainty about the house, it feels like I am chasing my tail… I’m most worried about how this is affecting my family and the uncertainty each day brings.. I just don’t know.”

He also spoke with the Cincinnati Enquirer saying that he was previously scheduled to tour with Reba McEntire in early 2020, before working with Poison on “The Stadium Tour”:

“It was going to be one of those years where my family wasn’t going to see me, but it was going to be a $200,000 year. And I thought, ‘This will allow me to pay off my house. It’s going to be amazing. And, of course, it went from a banner year to zero income overnight [due to the pandemic].”

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