Nasum Release 2002 “Helvete” Rehearsal Tape

Nasum have released a 2002 rehearsal tape from the sessions for their 2003 album “Helvete.” You can find that on Bandcamp, along with a previously released 1997 rehearsal tape from the sessions for their 1998 album “Inhale/Exhale.”

Anders Jakobson commented:

“Today [December 23] would have been Mieszko’s 46th birthday and to celebrate this I have excavated something from the massive, not really, Nasum vault: A rehearsal for the “Helvete”-session 2002! This is quite cool stuff as it has early versions of album songs that differ in some cases quite a lot from the final versions.

A few years ago I found a rehearsal tape with songs, some never finished, from the “Inhale/Exhale” sessions and created a page at Bandcamp called The Rare Nasum. This “Helvete”-rehearsal is the second installment, and I hope to release more stuff in the future. Get it here:

I have written some comments to a few the songs which could be interesting reading material for the die-hard fans.:

Anyway, raise a glass for Mieszko tonight (he was a whiskey guy) and have a listen to this old historic recording that never before has been heard by anyone outside of the band!

(Note: This was what I was teasing at the end of the show and tell video last week…) / Anders”

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