Richie Kotzen (The Winery Dogs, Etc.) Recovering From COVID-19

Richie Kotzen (The Winery Dogs, etc.) has revealed that him and his wife Julia Lage are recovering following a bout of COVID-19. The couple are feeling better and are encouraging fans to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

Kotzen said the following in a since deleted post [via Bravewords]:

“Julia and I just kicked the living PISS out of Covid-19! Self Quarantined, Chicken Soup, Hot Tea, … ALL THAT!….still can’t taste a fucking thing but I’ve never been much of a food guy! Today I feel 110%! Back to business as usual…Feeling refreshed, 15 lbs lighter and ready to grab 2021 by the fucking balls! Who’s in?”

He then followed up with the following:

“Hey folks!⁣

I’m sure some of you saw my post yesterday and my attempt at satire.

Truth is, Yesterday I woke up feeling strong and a bit silly after a few weeks in bed and decided to take a ‘comedic’ photograph of myself talking about having Covid.
Some of you didn’t get my sense of humor and thought that photo was my ’new look’ and a consequence of having the virus 🤣⁣

This photograph is a more accurate representation of us after having a run in with Covid-19. ☺️

All though we did lose a few pounds and stayed in bed a lot we thankfully did not get hit nearly as bad as some people did.

Covid is NOT a joke!

Please use your mask, stay safe and be careful.⁣

We wish you guys a healthy 2021!⁣

And thank you all for the thoughtful messages.

L & R,

Richie and Julia”

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