Metal Anarchy’s New Music Showcase: Exclusive Q&A With The Pits

Time for the next edition of Metal Anarchy’s “new music showcase,” the feature where I introduce you to bands that readers of this site may find interesting. This time I have an exclusive Q&A with The Pits.

METAL ANARCHY: Tell me a little about your band:

THE PITS: We’re a 47 piece jazz/punk band from Newcastle Australia.

We cram as many genres into an epic 3min30sec song.

We have horns, loud guitars and drums, and a shitload of vocal harmonies.

METAL ANARCHY: Who are your main influences?

THE PITS: Mid 2000s emo rubbish and Queen.

METAL ANARCHY: What is your latest release and why should readers of this site check it out?

THE PITS: Our latest EP is called “The Greatest Show on Earth”. If you like bohemian rhapsody but wish it was shorter, you’ll have 5 new favourite songs.

METAL ANARCHY: What can people expect when they go to your live shows?

THE PITS: Ringing ears, a magic trick (“how did they get 7 blokes onto that tiny stage”), choreographed scissor kicks, and an overall feeling of “Wow! These guys are so good. I cant believe they’re not bigger?! Why are they playing in THIS shithole town?”.

METAL ANARCHY: Where do you see your band heading in 5 years?

THE PITS: Retired.

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