Sanctuary To Release 30th Anniversary Edition Of “Into The Mirror Black”

Sanctuary will be releasing a 30th anniversary edition of “Into The Mirror Black” on October 9. The effort has been remastered by Chris “Zeuss” Harris and it will feature some bonus content including three demo tracks and a live album that was recorded in 1990.

Track Listing:

Disc 1:

01. “Future Tense”
02. “Taste Revenge”
03. “Long Since Dark”
04. “Epitaph”
05. “Eden Lies Obscured”
06. “The Mirror Black”
07. “Seasons of Destruction”
08. “One More Murder”
09. “Communion”
10. “Future Tense” (Demo 1989)
11. “I Am Insane” (Demo 1989)
12. “Mirror Black” (Demo 1989)

Disc 2:

01. “Eden Lies Obscured” (Live 1990)
02. “Seasons of Destruction” (Live 1990)
03. “Die For My Sins” (Live 1990)
04. “Future Tense” (Live 1990)
05. “White Rabbit” (Live 1990)
06. “Taste Revenge” (Live 1990)
07. “Long Since Dark” (Live 1990)
08. “Sanctuary” (Live 1990)
09. “One More Murder” (Live 1990)
10. “Battle Angels” (Live 1990)

Guitarist Lenny Rutledge commented:

“We are so excited to finally be releasing this special edition of ‘Into The Mirror Black’! The remaster of the original songs sounds awesome and the 1990 ‘Black Reflections’ live concert is finally going to be released in all its authentic live glory. The live material was mixed and mastered by Zeuss and is presented as recorded. No re-recordings or overdubs. Look for Sanctuary on tour in fall of 2021 playing the entire ‘Into The Mirror Black’ set. We can’t wait to bring the live show to Europe, USA and South America in 2021.”

Pre-orders can be found HERE.

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