Hatebreed Team Up With Witchdoctor Brewing Company For “Live For This” Lager

Hatebreed have partnered with Witchdoctor Brewing Company to create “Live For This” lager under their new Breedbrew brand. The band will be celebrating the release with some socially distanced events. The first one will take place in Southington, Connecticut on August 23 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. ET and it will feature beer tasting, giveaways, socially distanced photo ops, etc.

Bassist Chris Beattie commented

“During a time of uncertainty for many, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to partner up and work ‘hands on’ with Witchdoctor Brewing Company in Southington, Connecticut to bring you ‘Live For This’ lager. Teaming up with Witchdoctor’s award-winning master brewer Robert Todd, we were able to deliver a smooth-tasting, crisp version of his Munich Helles-style lager using the finest German ingredients. We wanted to make a beer that appealed to the casual drinker, as well as those who prefer the more hoppy IPA styles. Whatever your preference, I’m sure you’ll enjoy! Stay safe, drink responsibly!”

Drummer Matt Byrne added:

“We have collaborated with Witchdoctor Brewing in Southington, Connecticut to create ‘Live For This’ lager. If you’re not familiar with this Helles style of German beer, think gold-colored, relatively low ABV (4.5%) that won’t blow your head off after one pint. It’s refreshing in this blistering, Northeast summer heat and you can drink this style of beer all day long. If you’re a Budweiser guy, don’t be scared. It’s just as crisp and you will be hooked. If you’re an IPA guy, you will be pleasantly surprised. It has just enough bite. I’ve been lucky to sip beer from all corners of this crazy earth. Helles is one of my all-time favorites. The first sip is the best sip. Nothing compares. The goal of Hatebreed’s ‘Breedbrew’ is to bring a taste of what we have come to enjoy from our German family, home to YOU, our Connecticut heavy metal/hardcore family.”

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