Coheed And Cambria Offer Update On “Neverender: NWFT” Tour

Coheed And Cambria have offered an update on their “Neverender: NWFT” tour with Chon. That trek was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the band have yet to secure new dates. The group said the following:

“Hello everybody. No one will be surprised to hear that Neverender: NWFT will not take place this fall in the live setting. We have been looking at ways to present it to you at home in a way we feel is worth the Neverender brand, and so far, we have not achieved that. We will keep working on ideas and will only present it if it is truly worth waiting for. Refunds for NWFT tickets are available at point of purchase. Thank you for your neverending support, Coheed And Cambria.”

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