Son Of Original Riot Guitarist Lou “L.A.” Kouvaris Confirms His Death Was Related To COVID-19

As previously reported, original Riot guitarist Lou “L.A.” Kouvaris recently passed away at the age of 66. Now, it has been confirmed that his death was related to COVID-19.

Kouvaris’ son Alex commented:

“The thought of even having to write this breaks my heart. I never thought in a million years that I would lose my father at such a young age, especially to this evil virus we have all become so familiar with… COVID-19. It goes without saying that my dad was one of a kind. He had the biggest heart, was full of life, would do anything for anyone, and of course, he was an incredibly talented musician. He had such a way with people, both personally and professionally, it made you want to be in his presence. He’d make you laugh, he’d make you smile, and no matter who you were, where you were from, or what your story was, he would treat you the same way he treated everyone else. You were lucky to know him, lucky to be his friend, and I am so incredibly lucky I get to call him my dad. He was my best friend, we had some of the most amazing talks, and although I had some tough times when I used to live with him in New York, he never gave up on me. There are so many memories and great times we spent together that I will cherish forever. I’d do anything to be able to see him once more, talk to him on the phone, or just hear one more of his ridiculous tunes that he’d make up. Believe me, those who know what I’m talking about know that once it got stuck in your head, you were doomed for. I can’t help but feel angry that out of all people in this world, this virus chose to take my father’s life. He had so much life left to live, and he was so passionate about his new project Riot Act. It was all he could talk about, and he was so proud of what the band had become, especially its future. I know how many lives he had touched, and although it was overwhelming, please know that it warmed my heart to read all of the memories you all have shared and kind words over the past week. I’ve tried my best to get back to everyone, but if I forgot any of you, please know it was nothing personal. Dad, I miss you so much. Having little to no closure with everything going on in the world right now is going to make things that much harder. I promise to keep strong and carry on as I know you’d want me to. I know you love me very much and proud of the man I have become. I love you, Dad. As they’d say in one of our favorite shows The 100… “Until we meet again.”

Lou Kouvaris Funeral Service:

April 8th, 2020 @ 9:30am

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 848 098 463

One Tap Mobile:
US (New York)

US (New York)

9:45-10am Church Service
10-10:15am Burial Service
10:15-10:30 Eulogies
10:30-11am Open Discussion”

[via Blabbermouth]

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