Serj Tankian Says He Is “All For” System Of A Down Putting Out Previously Unreleased Material

Fans recently launched an online petition in an effort to get System Of A Down to release leftover music from their past album sessions. When asked about the petition on Patreon, frontman Serj Tankian said the following:

“For the unreleased Soad songs ? Yes. I’m all for it. Convince everyone else”

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Dear @shavoodadjian, @johndolmayan_, and @daronmalakian We ask of you to please release the unreleased music of System of a Down. It’s probably the closest thing to new music we will get. @serjtankian is all for the music to be released. Now it is up to us as a community to convince you guys. The petition has over 1,650 signatures. Please come together and agree upon the release of the System of a Down unreleased songs from Mezmerize and Hypnotize as well as songs like Honey and Temper. Thank you for reading. You can help too by clicking the link in my bio and signing the petition! #SOAD #SerjTankian #ShavoOdadjian #JohnDolmayan #DaronMalakian #SOADTour2020 #UnreleasedSOADMusic #NewSOAD #Petition #Change #Toxicity #StealThisAlbum #Mezmerize #Hypnotize #SystemOfADown

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