Man With Ties To Black Metal Scene Arrested Following String Of Church Fires In Louisiana

According to ABC News, 21-year-old Holden Matthews has been arrested after being suspected of setting three black churches on fire in Louisiana. Matthews, a devout black metal fan who also fronts his own band Vodka Vultures, is being held in St. Landry Parrish jail on three counts of simple arson of a religious building.

The fires took place at St. Mary Baptist Church on March 26, Greater Union Baptist on April 2, and Mount Pleasant Baptist Church on April 4. There is still no clear motive behind the horrible crimes.

The Daily Beast have reported that Matthews is “active in pagan and black metal pages” and that he left comments on two memes about Varg Vikernes (Burzum), the former neo-Nazi that served 15 years in prison after murdering Mayhem’s Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth and burning churches down in Norway. The comments were not too telling, but the article does say that “Matthews frequently posted about pagan beliefs, and recently uploaded a picture of a gun and a knife with the caption ‘I carry this…..maybe not legally but I only truly follow the law of Odin….. which says as you said,arm yourself…… Odins advice> modern law.’”

On top of that, he also commented on “a drawing of a pagan figure [with] a swastika-like design on his belt” saying “the belt gives him extra strength and power…..white power lmao jk jk I had to.”

This news comes after a New Zealand musician was recently arrested for similar crimes.


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