The Ghost Inside’s Zach Johnson: “After More Than 3 Years, I Was Discharged From My Otho Surgeon!”

The Ghost Inside’s Zach Johnson has officially been discharged by his orthopedic surgeon after undergoing over a dozen surgeries related to injuries he sustained in the band’s horrific November 2015 bus crash. The guitarist commented:

“After more than 3 years, I was discharged from my Otho surgeon! My knee has healed well from the surgery 6 months ago, and my femur is as healed as possible after 3 femoral surgeries, which is amazing, because 6-9 months ago the doctors thought I might end up losing my right leg! It’s been a wild road my friends. Put I’ve been given the all clear! Feels so good. No more check ins, x-rays, injections. Thanks to everyone who stuck with me! 🖤”


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