Stay Sick Recordings Acquires Eulogy Recordings

Stay Sick Recordings, the label founded by Attila’s Chris Fronzak, have acquired Eulogy Recordings. Fronzak commented:

“We are excited to announce that we have officially acquired Eulogy Recordings. Eulogy was a pivotal label for hardcore & metal music in the 2000’s and many of their bands had a huge influence on me personally. It was bands like Unearth, Bury Your Dead, The Warriors, On Broken Wings and Kids Like Us that inspired me to start Attila and pursue a career in music. If it wasn’t for the band’s on this label I wouldn’t be where I’m at today so this is a very surreal and euphoric moment for me.”

Eulogy Recordings founder John Wylie added:

“Eulogy is a huge part of who i am as a person and means the world to me. Over time i have become very busy with other business ventures and have maintained Eulogy as a part time label to help new bands take a big step forward. I had many labels approach me to work together but none were the right fit. Mike and Fronz both come from the same place i do. They understand what Eulogy is and have the ability to move it forward in the right direction. I couldn’t be more excited to work with SSR and i’m happy they have stepped into the picture. I’m very excited for the future of Eulogy.”


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