We Came As Romans Still Plan To Continue As A Quintet

During a recent interview with Kerrang!, Dave Stephens confirmed that We Came As Romans still plan to move forward following the death of Kyle Pavone. He went on to say that the band will not replace the singer and that they will continue performing as a quintet like they did on their recent tour with Bullet For My Valentine.

Stephens said the following about playing live shows without Pavone:

“We wrote those songs together and they’re still my songs as well, but it’s weird even for me singing his parts. I’m sure it’s kind of strange to the fans and the band, but I can’t imagine how much more strange it would be to have someone else singing them permanently. We don’t ever want to add another member again, and at this point, we’re closer than ever. We wanna do our best to honor [him] and make him proud, but never replace him. He definitely won’t be forgotten.”

He also added the following about the group’s future plans:

“I think as of now, we need some time to navigate our grief. We got the tour done and a lot of those firsts that were going to be really difficult out of the way. I guess the next first would be writing music without him, and I’m not sure when that will happen. We definitely plan on continuing on. Kyle and all of us dedicated so much time to making this happen because we all wanted it so band, and I know he would be pretty livid if we threw in the towel.”


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