Kublai Khan Reportedly Being Sued By An Older Thrash Band With The Same Name

According to Lambgoat, Texas metal band Kublai Khan are reportedly being sued by a Minnesota thrash metal band with the same name. The thrash band, who formed in 1985, have apparently taken issue with the younger Texas group due to their use of the moniker. Neither of the bands have addressed the situation, but Hannah Hensely, the wife of the Minnesotan Kublai Khan‘s guitarist Christopher Hensely, has alluded to the lawsuit while responding to people on social media.

Hannah said the following:

“That band from Texas stole the band name. And their fans are being real king douchers about it. Maybe direct your anger towards the idiots that knowingly stole an already existing band name. When the original band was started is irrelevant. It was a blatant poor desicion on their part, and an even poorer desicion on their fan’s part to act a fool and be rude to the original band…. Just sayin'”

A fan named Nick Hoover then responded:

“The band from Texas is blowing up larger than these shitters so the guitarist threatened to SUE the Texas band. Stop acting like ANYBODY knew about these guys. I’m sure there’s 500 more bands named Kublai Khan around the world. It’s a name it doesnt fucking matter. These old dudes started it when they threatened a lawsuit.”

Hannah then fired back with:

“He has a right to, it’s his band, his copyright, and guess what if he decides to start making music again he has every right to. That is why he is suing them. Not because they’re ‘blowing up’ but because it is his name and he intends to keep using it. The popularity of the band denotes absolutely jack shit when they stole a name that was legally someone else’s. It’s fucking black and white man, how are all of you so fucking blind to that? There’s no grey area here. Your boys made a really poor desicion. And they did it knowingly! The original KK Annihilation album art was used to promote one of the Texas Kublai shows. So sit there and try to tell me it was an accident.”


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