Court Says Man Accused Of Stalking Cradle Of Filth Frontman Dani Filth’s Family Is Unfit To Plead Or Stand Trial

According to BBC, the court has ruled that 29-year-old Lucifer Lovecraft (born James Bird) is unfit to plead or stand trial after lurking around Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth’s Ipswich, UK home and shouting at Filth’s wife Toni through the letterbox back in June. When authorities arrested Lovecraft, he claimed to be Filth and he even had Filth‘s daughter’s name tattooed on his arm. Lovecraft was also accused of sending Facebook messages to Toni around the same time as well. Aside from this, the site also mentions that he was previously charged with “stalking and assaulting a woman, assaulting one man and exhibiting racially-aggravated threatening behavior to a second man.” However, prosecutors have dropped all the charges and Lovecraft, who has been described as “very ill” by his legal representative, has been sent to a psychiatric hospital. It’s worth noting the Ipswich Star previously reported that Lovecraft was diagnosed with schizophrenia, but he was released after doctors said he didn’t need anymore residential mental health treatment.

[via The PRP]


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