Public Memorial For Jill Janus (Huntress) To Be Held In West Hollywood, CA

Huntress have announced a public memorial for their late singer Jill Janus, who sadly took her life on August 14. The celebration of life will take place this Friday (August 24) at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood, CA. Huntress guitarist and Janus’ longtime boyfriend, Blake Meahl commented:

“Since Jill‘s departure, the amount of outreach and support from friends, fans and family has been absolutely incredible. It has been beyond heavy to see so many reminders of how she could be so talented and loved yet could feel so much pain and loneliness. Let’s get together and celebrate her life and the importance that we still have each other. Expect a lot of whiskey and grown men crying. Thank you Rafael & Roberto Mattey for the amazing artwork.”


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